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12" Peace Pipe

Carved pipestone, deer skin or rattlesnake, horse hair, turkey feathers, glass beads, brass tacks, and brass beads. Note, these pipes are not mass produced and may have to be custom ordered. Please state preference on order. (Deer Skin or Rattlesnake). Please bear in mind these artifacts are all individually made, therefore the exact colors of paints, beads, fur, etc. will vary and may not be exactly as shown in the picture. The quality of each piece will always be there!

For over 300 years, the red stone ceremonial pipe has been prized above all others by the American Indian. Reverence for the place from which it came was common to all Indians, and many legends relate the supernatural origin of these quarries and of the first pipe - a gift from the gods. The bowl was the altar, and tobacco the sacred offering. The smoke carried messages to the gods. Discussions were solemnized, treaties arranged, lands acquired, wars begun and terminated over a pipe.

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White Wolf

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