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Native American Indian Ceremonial

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Ceremonial Bow with Arrows

Wood bow, deer skin, glass beads, brass beads, brass cones, and turkey feathers. Perhaps after a great hunt or a successful war party a warrior may "retire" his bow and a couple of arrows to ceremonial status, symbolizing his success.

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Native American Indian Ceremonial Bow with Arrows
Turtle Shell Medicine Bag

The Turtle (Keya) in Sioux culture is the guardian of life and patron of healing. The turtle is wise - hears many things and does not tell anything. Mothers often placed an image of Keya on the navel of their babies. Keya symbolized long life, dedication and fertility. Turtle shell, deer skin, glass beads, and feathers. Medicine bags held items that were thought to give mystical powers to the owner.

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Native American Indian Turtleshell Purse/Possibles Bag
Spirit Chaser

Metal arrow head, Deer skin, Rattle Snake, glass beads, brass tacks, beads, cones, horse hair, feathers and fur. The Spirit Chaser was used by medicine men to ward off evil spirits, heal the sick and wounded.

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Native American Indian Spirit Chaser
Medicine Bag

Deer skin and glass beads. Each individual carried a medicine bag with their own form of special medicine for protection, long life, or spiritual awareness. Beaded rosette designs will vary.

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Native American Indian Medicine Bag
Prayer Fan (A)

Large Turkey wing, deer skin, glass beads, brass tacks, and beaver fur.

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Ceremonial Native American Indian Prayer Fan
Prayer Fan (B)

Pheasant wing, deer skin, glass beads, beaver fur, and brass tacks.

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Ceremonial Native American Prayer Fan

White Wolf

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