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Dance Sticks

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Plains Style Coup Stick - $130.00 USD

Buffalo Horn Cap, Deer Skin, Glass Beads, Brass Tacks, Horse Hair, Brass Beads, Brass Bells, Turkey Feathers with Fur Trim. Warriors would Gain Status int the Tribe by TouchingTheir Enemy rather than Killing Them. This was known as Counting Coup. This is One Style of Staff used for Such an Endeavor.


Possession Marker - $130.00 USD

Possession Markers were used by Indian Families to Identify Personal Items. Each family had a Distinctive Identifying Pattern for their Possession Markers. A Possession Marker put atop a Wood Pile would let any Passersby Know Who had Gathered It. A Possession Marker atop an Unloaded Travois was the Same as a Locked Door. Noone would bother the items, as all knew who owned them by the use of a Possession Marker.

The only time Possession Markers weren't needed was on a Hunt, when a Brave's Personally Marked Arrows Identified the Animals he had Killed. When his Wife came out to Skin the Animal, her Husband's Arrows pointed out to her which animal she was to work on.

Deer Antler, Deer Skin, Glass Beads, Brass Beads, Horse Hair, Turkey Feathers, Trimmed with Fur. Included with your purchase is a copy of a Historic Article Documenting the Plains Indians usage of Possession Markers