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Warriors of the Plains Collection

     For the Plains Indian, the game of war was a glorious sport and it played an important role in hisNative American Warrior life. The motive for going to war was a young man's desire for personal glory and in no other way could he gain the admiration of the young women of his tribe.

     It is our pleasure to present to you our catalog of products showing Native American Heritage.

     The bow and arrow case, prayer stick, claw dance stick, war shields, tomahawks, knives, and medicine bags were all a vital part of the body and soul of each warrior. These items are museum-quality pieces for the discriminating collector. Please contact us if you have a specific Northern Plains Indian product in mind.

     We hope you enjoy your visit with us and you will return.

Our Contributing Artists are Enrolled Members of their Respective Tribes and provide the Museum Quality Reproduction Artifacts we inventory at Mountain Ridge Trading.



Rattles Tomahawks Shields

Ceremonial Beaded Arrows Bows, Quivers and Arrow Sets Beaded Knife Sheaths

Dance Sticks Parfleche Beaded Pipe Bags

Ceremonial Peace Pipes Lances


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     Please bear in mind these artifacts are all individually made, therefore the exact colors of paints, beads, fur, etc. will vary and may not be exactly as shown in the picture. The quality of each piece will always be there. Due to the rapid turnover of these very popular handmade items, shipment may be delayed by up to 30 to 60 days if the item is out of stock at the time the order is placed.

Wholesale catalog available, email your Tax ID Number and address to:
Mountain Ridge Trading Co.


White Wolf

Rattles   Tomahawks, War Clubs, and War Hawks   Shields   Lances
Ceremonial Beaded Arrows   Bows, Quivers and Arrow Sets   Beaded Knife Sheaths
Dance Sticks   Ceremonial   Parfleche   Beaded Pipe Bags   Peace Pipes
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