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Buffalo Lance - $250.00 USD

13-Inch Blade, Deer or Elk Skin, Glass Beads, Brass Tacks, Brass Beads, Horse Hair, and Turkey Feathers.These Lances are available with various Furs, Red or Blue Trade Cloth, or Rattle Snake. (Please state your preference upon ordering). A Large Lance that is Capable of Penetrating a Buffalo's Hide. Approximately 68 Inches Long.


Fighting Lance - $145.00 USD

7-Inch Metal or Bone Point (Please state your preference upon ordering) Deer Skin, Glass Beads, Brass Beads, Brass Tacks, Horse Hair. Though Smaller than the Buffalo Lance, the Fighting Lance was easier to maneuver in Hand-to-Hand Combat. Approximately 56 Inches Long.


Ceremonial Lance - $110.00 USD

Bone Point, Deer Skin, Rattlesnake, Glass Beads, Brass Beads, Horse Hair, Turkey Feathers, and Fur.This Smaller Lance was designed to for use in Dancing and Ceremony.


Shaman Ceremonial Lance - $130.00 USD

Metal Point, Deer Skin, Red or Black Trade Cloth or Fur.  (Please state your preference upon ordering).

The Shaman (Medicine Man) used the Mini Lance to Dance, to Pray for a Good Hunt or for a Successful War Party.